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Of Wolves and Moons Short Story Cover Image

Of Wolves and Moons

By J.L. Brandt

Updated: December 1st, 2021

Originally Published: July 22, 2021
@ Short Fiction Break

When Kailyn pulled into the parking area and saw the lone vacant car, her heart dropped into her stomach. She had been coming here for many moons, because she knew no one came up here on nights like tonight.

Perhaps they were hikers who lost track of time, and would be leaving. Please let no one be out there, she thought to herself. She contemplated turning around, finding another place out of the way, but she knew the moon was not long for the sky. There was no way to find another place that would be safe, so late.

The sun had only dropped to the horizon, and she knew dusk would turn to night, to be replaced by the light of night’s sun.