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About Truerth

In the late-90’s and into the early 2000’s, Truerth was a Fantasy campaign setting originally designed for the 2nd Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons game. It’s premise was to design a Fantasy campaign game world that utilized the geography of Earth.

Truerth was a ‘networld’ where development was done by a community of volunteer contributors over the internet. Like all networld’s of it’s time, the material was created and published for free over the internet. You could join the project by offering up ideas, or creating content for a particular part of the world.

A mythology for the creation of the world was developed, and the world populated with various kingdoms and fantasy races and species commonly found in fantasy roleplaying games. The original iteration of Truerth was a patchwork of kingdoms and races developed in a vacuum.

The setting underwent a revision, but eventually development ceased as the lead developer moved on. The material was archived, and an effort to restart development in the mid 2000’s under a more structured approach was attempted, a primer written to explain how the setting was being updated, but the product was put on the backburner.

On October 8th, 2020 development of this iteration of the Truerth setting began as notes and ideas were jotted down and the mythology of Truerth was rebuilt from memory due to all previous content having been lost due to hardware failure. While this series of fictional stories set in the modern era, bears no resemblance to the original content created for the Truerth Campaign Setting, these books are a spiritual successor to the original Truerth material.

Since development of Truerth restarted in October 2020, drafts to several full length novels have had their first drafts written.  Effective October 13th, 2021 developmental edits are in progress for Fantages Studios first full-length novel Demons of Wrath.  It was decided to do a page 1 re-write of Demons of Wrath.

At the current time there is not a specific plan to move forward with publishing the fiction that has already been written. Many aspects of the setting are still being developed, and to avoid future conflicts in the event that things may change, public release is being held back. Please note: Any authors interested in writing as a Truerth Worldspace Author can become an Alpha or Beta Reader.

In December 2020 it was decided that Truerth would return to it’s roots as being a collaborative project, by allowing aspiring authors to utilize content or material of Truerth in their own stories, with the only requirement being to properly attribute the source of any content the author chooses to use. This was later updated on April 7th, 2021 to give authors the option of becoming a Truerth Worldspace Author, tying directly into the Truerth Canon, allowing the author to benefit from Fantages Studios existing marketing efforts.

April 12th, 2021 saw the creation and setup of the Fantages Studios site as Truerth’s new home on the internet.

Truerth is an alternate history Earth. For the purpose of Truerth branded fiction, certain events in history may not have happened, or alternative explanations for historical events may exist. Certain political or ideological movements past and present may not be present.

Our interest in writing is to tell an interesting story, rather than push a particular political agenda, and although the first book in the ‘Demons’ series is tentatively set in March of 2020 events that have occurred in the year 2020 on Earth did not happen on Truerth. Namely the Coronavirus, the riots and protests of 2020, and the controversial presidency that has polarized any sort of discussion of politics.

We would rather write stories about Angels, Demons, Ghosts, Witches and all manner of paranormal, supernatural and fantasy elements, than delve into the insanity that is modern social justice.

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