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Help Wanted!

Fantages Studios knows that ambitious projects that require disparate skills cannot be done by a single person. For that reason, we are posting positions we are looking to fill.

We would be interested in speaking with the following individuals:

  • Graphics Artist
  • Character Illustator
  • Book Cover Designer
  • Map Maker
  • Logo Designer
  • Editors
  • Alpha/Beta Readers
  • In House Authors

Apply Below:

Truerth Help Wanted
What Services do you offer?

Please note: None of these positions listed on this page shall be presumed to create an Employer-Employee relationship. All positions are under the basis of independent contractor status where legal liability for filing taxes is the responsibility of the contractor. All work performed for Fantages Studios shall be presumed “Work for Hire”, where Fantages Studios agrees to purchase the rights to the content produced in exchange for the compensation negotiated for. Contractors accept that any disputes shall be adjudicated as per the federal laws of Canada and/or the provincial laws of Ontario, whichever applies.

Graphic Artist

Seeking individual who can complete various art projects that may be required by Fantages Studios that are not covered below. Please link to online portfolio of previous work to ensure graphic style fits the style envisioned by Fantages Studios.

Compensation: To be Negotiated.

Character Illustrator

Seeking individual who can draw sketches and other character illustrations in color or black and white. Illustrations are intended for internal use, but may be posted on the Fantages Studios website for marketing purposes. Some may be used in relevant future roleplaying products. Expecting to want at least all primary and secondary named characters in Truerth fiction to be illustrated.

Compensation: To be Negotiated. On a per-sketch/illustration basis.

Book Cover Designer

Seeking individual who can design book covers to be used on future Truerth fiction. Though it is expected to be primarily work for e-books and other electronic publications, all book cover projects should presume books will be printed requiring Front Cover, Back Cover and Spine.  Fantages Studios will provide expected page counts of projects when information is known.

Projects: ‘Demons’ Series (7 books), ‘Ragnarok’ (TBD), ‘Vaarda’ (2 or more books), ‘Haven’ (TBD), ‘Afterlives’ (2 or more books), ‘Immortality’ (1 or more books).

Compensation: To be Negotiated. On a series basis.

Map Maker

Seeking individual who has access to map making software to create maps, including World Environments, and building interiors. Please link to online portfolio of previous projects to ensure mapping style fits the style envisioned by Fantages Studios. Most maps are intended for internal use, but may be posted on the Fantages Studios website. Some may be used in relevant future roleplaying products.

Projects: Fae Realm (Overworld map), Titania’s Castle (internal Floorplan), Lilith’s Castle (Internal Floorplan), the Asgard Citadel (Internal Floorplan), The “Afterlife” (Internal Floorplans).

Compensation: To be Negotiated.

Logo Designer

Seeking individual to produce logos for various products and brands for Fantages Studios. Details of specific specifications shall be provided on request. Logos to be used on website, on electronic and print products, any relevant marketing materials, or any other use to identify a Fantages Studios product or brand.

Projects: Fantages Studios Logo, World of Truerth Logo, Truerth Worldspace Project Logo.

Compensation: To be Negotiated. On a per-logo basis.


Seeking individuals with experience in editing Fantasy novels and short stories. Familiarity with World of Truerth an asset. Familiarity with Story Grid Methodology also an asset. We are currently in the process of determining our specific needs in regards to how much editing will be done in house, and how much we will be contracting out.

Projects: Novels (around 100,000 words), Novellas (50,000 words), Shorter Fiction (20-30,000 words), Short Stories (less than 10,000 words).

Compensation: To be Negotiated. On a per-book or per-series basis as applicable.

Alpha/Beta Readers

Seeking individuals interested in getting access to early drafts of Truerth fiction, and able to submit reports/comments on a timely basis. To apply, please submit a list of books you have been an Alpha or Beta Reader for. Applicants will be required to submit a critique of one or more sample chapters before being accepted.

Compensation: To be Negotiated. Based on Experience and quality of reports submitted. On a per-book basis. Alpha/Beta Readers who complete at least half the project shall receive a copy of the e-book. Alpha/Beta Readers who complete the entire project shall receive a print copy of the book, if one is printed.

In-House Author

As described as part of the Truerth Worldspace Project, we would potentially be interested in working with independent authors who are interested in writing within the World of Truerth, as part of a negotiated contract. Any work done as an In-House Author shall be produced and published under the Fantages Studios brand, under a revenue sharing agreement that is fair and equitable to both Fantages Studios and the author.

Details shall be posted when such is available.

Other Positions

The positions listed above are subject to change, and other positions may be opened up depending on various factors, depending on the needs of Fantages Studios.